[CCWG-ACCT] Deck for Meeting #75 Mission Statement discussion

Burr, Becky Becky.Burr at neustar.biz
Fri Jan 8 17:29:43 UTC 2016

I think we need to acknowledge that folks will come out differently on
this question - but that is TOTALLY to be expected.  Avri thinks the
NetMundial Initiative is in scope, Milton thinks it isn¹t.  The test is
still the same - is it consistent with and reasonably necessary to ensure
the stability and security of the DNS?

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On 1/8/16, 11:34 AM, "Avri Doria" <avri at acm.org> wrote:

>Except that ICANN's work and the environment it is done within was
>indeed part of what was considered by NETmundial.
>I know that for many, NET mundial was the origin of the objection about
>ICANN overstepping its mission.  I never believed that and believe that
>it was an important event and within mission for ICANN to have done.  I
>think changing the mission so as to exclude ICANN particpation and
>suppport for such activities would be a mistake and should not be
>included as a Transition goal.  How about IGF, should ICANN stop its
>support?  Is that a goal?
>I agree we should maintain ICANN's already restricted mission.  This is
>what we agreed to.  We have not agreed to narrowing its scope as far as
>I understand.
>On 08-Jan-16 11:21, Mueller, Milton L wrote:
>> Is floating and sustaining something like the Net Mundial Initiative,
>> whose express purpose is to address public policy issues outside the
>> names and numbers, and technical protocols and coordination, something
>> within ICANN's mandate?
>> My answer: No.
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