[CCWG-ACCT] Mission Statement

Mueller, Milton L milton at gatech.edu
Fri Jan 8 22:17:58 UTC 2016


>From our latest exchanges regarding the new Mission Statement and as stated in the chat yesterday, DK is of the view that the Board can of course only take decisions based on GAC advice that is within the ICANN's mission.

MM: Thank you for that.

But what we have been seeking is a clear answer to see if the proposed changes to the Mission Statement would imply that the Board in the future would be further constrained in taking GAC advice into account.

MM: Well, it depends on the advice, doesn't it?

I understood from Becky during our CCWG call yesterday, "that ICANN should be able to continue to accept and implement GAC advice as it has been"- in other words the Board will have the same possibility to take into account GAC advice in the future (after the IANA transition) as the Board has today. If that is the case, I would think that it is now crystal clear to me.

MM: As above, if GAC advises ICANN to do things that are outside its mission you can expect challenges.

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