[CCWG-ACCT] "Consumer Trust" in the Mission Statement

Malcolm Hutty malcolm at linx.net
Sat Jan 9 14:29:37 UTC 2016

On 08/01/2016 21:10, Burr, Becky wrote:
> Should an AoC provision specific to TLD expansion be leveraged to impose
> generalized, independent, and affirmative competition and consumer trust
> protection obligations on ICANN?

I don't understand this question, generally.
Even if rephrased, I don't think I understand what is intended to be
meant by "consumer trust".

Indeed, if I recally correctly, lack of clarity about the meaning of the
term "consumer trust" was why we didn't include it back in our original
proposal (Drafts 1 and 2); I don't think it was an inadvertent omission.

> Does ICANN’s fundamental Mission to ensure “stable and secure operation”
> of the DNS, and its various Commitments (i.e., to use processes that
> enable competition,             and to preserve stability, reliability,
> security, global interoperability, resilience, and openness) adequately
> address this concern?

I think so, for meanings of "consumer trust" that I would support.

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