[CCWG-ACCT] "Consumer Trust" in the Mission Statement

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Oh I agree. But it got heavy a long time ago. If 
we want to start stripping stuff out that we have added, I am all for it.

Why all this vehemence about this one item?


At 09/01/2016 03:41 PM, Jonathan Zuck wrote:

>Agree with Steve here. We need to keep core 
>values minimal. This Christmas Tree is already 
>getting weighed down a bit too much for my tastes.
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>Subject: Re: [CCWG-ACCT] "Consumer Trust" in the Mission Statement
>Our recommendation #9 is Incorporating the 
>Affirmation of Commitments in ICANN’s 
>Bylaws.   That includes commitments made by 
>ICANN in the AoC, such as the commitment cited 
>by Becky, to "promote competition, consumer 
>trust, and consumer choice in the DNS marketplace."
>First, I don’t think we should casually 
>discard any of those three commitment items just 
>because it is difficult to define.    The AoC 
>review that’s just begun will develop working 
>definitions as part of its review.
>I would answer 'No' to both of Becky’s 
>questions.   This commitment does not need to be 
>part of Core Values, and could live in the 
>bylaws section describing the required AoC 
>review of any expansion of new gTLDs.
>Since it is in the bylaws, ICANN’s fulfillment 
>of this commitment could be the subject of an IRP.
>And any changes to this commitment would be 
>subject to veto by the empowered community.
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>Subject: [CCWG-ACCT] "Consumer Trust" in the Mission Statement
>   As discussed in our call yesterday, we would 
> like to get some discussion started on some of 
> the issues with the Mission Statement, 
> Commitments & Core Values elements of the CCWG 
> Proposal.  One of those issues relates to the 
> inclusion of the concept of promoting 
> “consumer trust” in the Commitments and/or 
> Core Values.  The USCIB comment, for example, 
> urged inclusion of a Commitment/Core Value of 
> “promoting competition, consumer trust, and 
> consumer choice in the DNS 
> marketplace.”  ALAC urged inclusion of the consumer trust language.
>This is the topic we will discuss on Monday, 
>during the Ad Hoc meeting just announced.  Feel 
>free to contribute your views in this thread, 
>particularly if you are not going to be able to participate on Monday.
>       ISSUE: Paragraph 3 of the Affirmation of 
> Commitments describes the goals of the AoC, saying:
>        "This document affirms key commitments 
> by DOC and ICANN, including commitments to: 
  (c) promote competition, consumer trust, and 
> consumer choice in the DNS marketplace
>Paragraph 9.3 of the AoC says:
 IIf and when new gTLDs (whether in 
> ASCII or other language character sets) have 
> been in operation for one year, ICANN will 
> organize a review that will examine the extent 
> to which the introduction or expansion of gTLDs 
> has promoted competition, consumer trust and 
> consumer choice 
. ICANN will organize a 
> further review of its execution of the above 
> commitments two years after the first review, 
> and then no less frequently than every four years.
>         In the Initial Draft Proposal, this AoC 
> language was transposed into the Core Values by 
> requiring ICANN to depend “on market 
> mechanisms to proote and sustain a healthy 
> competitive environment in the DNS market that 
> enhances consumer trust and choice.” (Para 
> 107, page 27 Initial Draft Proposal)
>   In the 2nd Draft Proposal we elected to 
> delete the reference to consumer trust in the 
> Mission statement and include it in the Review 
> section of the Bylaws (See 3rd Report, Appendix 
> 9, Para. 33).  The reason we agreed to make 
> this switch was because it is not a standalone 
> ICANN commitment in the AoC, rather, it is 
> specifically tied to new gTLD expansion and 
> specifically tied to a required review.
>        Several commenters in both the 2nd and 
> 3rd comment round argued that the Core Values 
> should specifically call out consumer 
> trust.  Some have disputed my characterization 
> of Paragraph 3 of the AoC (i.e., it states the 
> goals of the AoC but does not recite a specific 
> commitment), on the grounds that my 
> characterization is an opinion and not a fact.
>Should an AoC provision specific to TLD 
>expansion be leveraged to impose generalized, 
>independent, and affirmative competition and 
>consumer trust protection obligations on ICANN?
>Does ICANN’s fundamental Mission to ensure 
>“stable and secure operation” of the DNS, 
>and its various Commitments (i.e., to use 
>processes that enable competition,         and 
>to preserve stability, reliability, security, 
>global interoperability, resilience, and 
>openness) adequately address this concern?
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