[CCWG-ACCT] Fwd: Timing and incorporation of Lawyers input

Thomas Rickert rickert at anwaelte.de
Fri Jan 15 16:26:12 UTC 2016

Dear Holly and Rosemary,
as discussed during the call last week and as discussed with the CCWG, we would like to certify the legal reviews of the work products of the CCWG on the individual recommendations after the first and second reading.

While we will certify memos (third bullet point below) on a case by case basis with dedicated messages to you, this e-mal is the certification of all documents on 1st and 2nd reading that are sent to the CCWG list.

We would appreciate a maximum of 5 day turnaround time so that the group can see your feedback before the individual topics are brought up again in the CCWG.

Thanks and kind regards,
Mathieu, León & Thomas

> Regarding the way lawyers will provide input in the current phase of review of our 3rd draft, as was discussed during the call with them last week they will provide the CCWG, for each recommendation, with :
> -          High level comments if need be after 1st reading
> -          Detailed edits after 2nd reading.
> -          Specific memos when requested (such as the Human rights memo we have received in the last few hours)
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