[CCWG-ACCT] Recommendation 6 - Human Rights - 1st reading conclusions

Dr. Tatiana Tropina t.tropina at mpicc.de
Mon Jan 18 09:59:55 UTC 2016

Dear all,
Sorry I found that I missed an important word in my previous email and
think this can lead to misunderstanding.
I meant there was "NO real dialogue" on consumer trust outside of the
new gTLD discussions, while HR have been discussed extensively at WP4
and CCWG.
Thus, we can't compare consumer trust and HR as re what shall be moved
to WS2 completely.

On 18/01/16 10:45, Dr. Tatiana Tropina wrote:
> Dear Paul,
> To answer your question
> On 18/01/16 08:57, Paul Szyndler wrote:
>> Further, what distinguishes the conversation of human rights from our
>> recent discussion on consumer trust?
> The difference is, as it was pointed in the thread on "Christmas Trees
> and Consumer Trust", that human rights have been extensively discussed
> during the preparation of the Third Draft Proposal at the WP4 and
> CCWG, while there has been a real dialogue on consumer trust outside
> of the new gTLD review discussions.
> I think comparing human rights issues and implications to the
> discussion on consumer trust is not feasible - neither in the context
> of this group nor in the broader context. WP4 has achieved its a
> compromise and suggested the bylaw language after extensive
> discussions, so moving the issue of human rights completely to WS2 is
> not justified - at least not if one uses comparison with consumer
> trust issues for such justification.
> Best regards
> Tatiana
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