[CCWG-ACCT] Proposed carve-out language for community IRP

Burr, Becky Becky.Burr at neustar.biz
Mon Jan 18 21:30:20 UTC 2016

With thanks to David McAuley, the language below is proposed to address concerns about IRP challenges to the results of a PDP.  This paragraph would appear in Rec. 4 perhaps as a parenthetical statement at the end of the lead-in language in paragraph 69, just prior to bullets, and again as a parenthetical in paragraph 117 of the Draft Proposal and Paragraph 54 of Annex 02:

Notwithstanding the foregoing and notwithstanding any required threshold for launching a community IRP, no community IRP that challenges the result(s) of a supporting organization’s policy development process (PDP) may be launched  without the support of the supporting organization that developed such PDP or, in the case of joint PDPs, without the support of the supporting organizations that developed such PDP.

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