[CCWG-ACCT] Counsels' feedback on Annex 9 (AOC Reviews)

Greg Shatan gregshatanipc at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 15:46:15 UTC 2016

Counsel provided the following feedback on Annex 9:

*Annex 9 (AOC Reviews)*:  *We recommend that consideration be given to
further clarifying the Review Team provision in Paragraph 54** (1) to
specify the type of “diversity” desired (geographic or otherwise) for
Review Team members and (2) to state whether, in determining the
composition of the members of the Review Teams they select, the group of
chairs can solicit additional nominees or appoint less than 21 members to
avoid potential overrepresentation of particular ACs or SOs if some
nominate less than 3 members.*

Diversity is desirable and should be encouraged, in various ways.  However,
on the se second point above, I think the suggestions go further and in
different directions than I believe appropriate.  Diversity is a goal, not
a requirement.  Soliciting members from underrepresented demographics is
not troubling; indeed, participation should be encouraged across the
board.  However, the idea of not seating a full review team because of lack
of enthusiasm from particular demographics is troubling, for a few
reasons.  First, the teams are purposely fairly small and smaller teams
would make it harder to get the work done.  Second, some topics may
naturally inspire more interest from some demographics than others.  Third,
some topics may actually be appropriate for an imbalanced representation.

I also think the application of "diversity" to the distribution of SOs and
ACs ona review team is misplaced.  Indeed it runs counter to the concept
that unfilled seats of one SO/AC (to the extent there are even formal
'seats') can be reallocated to another SO/AC with more applicants for the
review team.  This should be clarified,as an acceptable and appropriate
action, rather than made to seem undesirable in the name of "diversity."

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