[CCWG-ACCT] TR: IANA Budget and CCWG-Accountability proposal - CWG-Stewardship changes

Mathieu Weill mathieu.weill at afnic.fr
Tue Jan 26 09:59:41 UTC 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Please be aware of the recent work that has been done in collaboration 
between CWG Stewardship / CCWG Accountability regarding the “IANA Budget”.

It seems to be comprehensive and address the concern it was intended to deal 
with. One option is to create a checkpoint during the implementation in 
order to ensure the requirements (of the CWG) are being met in the actual 

The CWG-Stewardship is currently checking on list whether there are any 
further thoughts or inputs.

Best regards,


De : Jordan Carter [mailto:jordan at internetnz.net.nz]
Envoyé : mardi 26 janvier 2016 01:21
À : fuhr at etno.eu; Jonathan Robinson; León Felipe Sánchez Ambía; Thomas 
Rickert; Mathieu Weill; Cheryl Langdon-Orr; Steve DelBianco; Becky Burr; 
Cc : Jonathan Zuck; Gomes, Chuck
Objet : IANA Budget and CCWG-Accountability proposal - CWG-Stewardship 

Hi all

Please find attached a marked up version of Recommendation 4 on the IANA and 
ICANN Budget veto power.

This document includes tracked changes from Jordan Carter, WP1 Rapporteur in 
the CCWG. The changes are intended to take into account feedback from the 
CWG-Stewardship's Chuck Gomes, forwarded to us by the CWG Co-Chairs. 
Jonathan Zuck and I as leads on budget discussions were asked to talk 
through the feedback and agree what should happen next.

I met with Jonathan and Chuck this morning to talk through the written 
feedback from Chuck and we're all happy that the proposed changes attached 
are fit for purpose.

The CWG-Stewardship's feedback boiled down to wanting more clarity about the 
IANA Functions Operator's budget process.  I have tried in the tracked 
changes to clarify what a caretaker budget feels like (as the CWG sought 
some more detail), and emphasise that the current quite-good consultation 
processes for all Budget creation will be put in the bylaws (clarifying that 
this will also apply to the IANA Budget).

In respect of further detail about timing of the IANA Functions Budget, I am 
not comfortable with the CCWG-Accountability defining this. We in the CCWG 
have done our job in creating a structure for accountability in respect of 
the IANA Budget.

I believe it is up to the CWG-Stewardship, either through its Design Teams 
approach or in the implementation project, to go any further in defining 
detail about the planning process (how a Budget is created, the timing of 
approval, etc).  It isn't the CCWG's area of expertise or responsibility.

If there are concerns about ensuring that such planning was taken into 
account, we could explore the concept of a reverse conditionality -- we 
could state in our report that our requirements are met only when 
CWG-Stewardship's work here is completed to its satisfaction.

This item is on the agenda for CCWG-Accountability on Tuesday between 19h 
and 22h.

Happy to expand or discuss.  Happy also for this message to be forwarded to 
the CWG or to the CCWG by the relevant co-chairs or staff, or anyone else 
who feels so inclined!




Jordan Carter

Chief Executive

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