[CCWG-ACCT] CCWG - Recommendation 1 - Final version for legal review

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I must have been wrong (Holly could set me straight).
I thought a difference was the Sole Designator would be able to enforce the inspection right directly in court.

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Given what is proposed, individual decisional participants in the Empowered Community being able to make inspection requests  (as per their own inter processes) directly to the Board, actually goes well beyond what the CCWG was originally requesting, escalation process for inspection (petition, support, community forum etc.), it was felt it was no longer necessary to provide inspection rights to the Sole Designator.

Hope the answers your question.



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I must have missed in the minutes (or the meeting itself), but just for process sake, could you point me where the conclusion was reached to remove the right of inspection from the sole designator?

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Subject: [CCWG-ACCT] CCWG - Recommendation 1 - Final version for legal review


​Per the request of the co-chairs we are publishing the final draft version of  Annex 1  for legal review.

This version has been generated from the conclusion of the second reading document with minor edits by staff.

As such you will find attached 2 versions, Word and PDF of the marked up text.

Once this legal review is completed (48 hours - 16:00UTC Wednesday), results of the review will be published on this list, a final version will be generated and posted for final CCWG comments.​

​Thank You.

B​ernard Turcotte
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