[CCWG-ACCT] Open ALAC Issues

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Wed Jan 27 05:14:30 UTC 2016

As per my comment in the CCWG meeting earlier today, here is a list 
of the issues still to be resolved from the ALAC statement on the 3rd 
Draft Proposal.

There are three issues currently under discussion.

1. ICANN Mission and ensuring that contract provisions will not be 
invalidated or be unenforceable.

2. The issue regarding market mechanisms.

3. Human Rights (original issue resolved but pending final wording).

Issues to be addressed.

1. The first is a relatively trivial one and easily addressed. Rec# 
4, in the section on replacing the Interim Board states:

"SOs, ACs, and the Nominating Committee will develop replacement 
processes that ensure the Interim Board will not be in place for more 
than 120 days."

The ALAC request that this be changed to:

"SOs, ACs, and the Nominating Committee will develop processes 
designed to replace Interim Board members within 120 days."

By removing the word "ensure", this change, while not altering the 
intent, goes along with the recent practice of not putting hard 
deadlines in the Bylaws, deadlines that for one reason or another may 
not be met in a particular instance.

2. Rec# 10, AoC. The Recommendation suggests that as part of 
organizational reviews, the AC/SO's accountability be included in the 
review. The ALAC suggests that this be enshrined in Article IV, 
Section 4.1 of the ICANN Bylaws.

3. On page 14, item 2 of the draft proposal (and on page 5 of Annex 
1), it says "The members of the unincorporated association would be 
representatives of ICANN's Supporting Organizations and Advisory 
Committees that wish to participate." We have never discussed how 
such members are identified. Presumably we should to specify that 
each participating AC/SO must identify who it's representative will be.

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