[CCWG-ACCT] Regarding mission statement and human rights

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Fri Jan 29 08:33:51 UTC 2016

Hello Avri,

>>    Requiring that we respect Human Rights includes it being in scope as a consideration that is understood and discussed when policy is made and considered for approval.

That makes sense, although I thought it already was in scope.

The non-commercial stakeholder group (NCSG) in the GNSO has a long history of raising issues of  freedom of expression or an open internet.     The gTLD domain name registries and registrars in the  GNSO are usually persuaded by such discussions.    I am not aware of it ever being ruled out of scope.   Why do you think it would be out of scope currently or in the future in the policy development process?

I am also not aware of NTIA ever raising this issue in their public policy advice through the GAC .   They must think the NCSG is doing a good job already.   So not sure how a future ICANN without the NTIA contract would be any different.   The NTIA contract itself has no provisions for this topic.    The NTIA both before and after transition still retains its ability to raise these public policy issues in the GAC, along with other Governments that support human rights.

So I am a little puzzled how the existence of a bylaw helps or hinders the ability for a stakeholder group, supporting organization, or advisory committee to raise the topic as part of the consideration of policy within a PDP.

I can see that a bylaw makes it possible to raise an IRP - I just don't understand the policy development aspect.

Brue Tonkin

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