[CCWG-ACCT] Regarding mission statement and human rights

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Fri Jan 29 12:07:25 UTC 2016

>>  My problem with "applicable law" is that Human Rights are fundamental, whereas laws differ from country to country. And Human Rights can not be "diminished", for the lack of a better word, by the laws of a country.

>>  So, if "applicable law" mean the Bylaws and not the law of any country or countries, lets's put this in, if only for avoidance of doubt.

I would also expect that ICANN is already subject to "applicable" national laws - whether or not they are in the bylaws.

So  a bylaw that states that ICANN is subject to applicable laws seems somewhat redundant.

Bruce Tonkin

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