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Yes, the way late email is coming through has been startling several times.
Most of it seems to be email we have seen before.


On 17-Mar-16 04:31, Chris Disspain wrote:
> All,
> There is obviously some issue going on with mail servers somewhere as
> the below emails have just arrived from many months ago. I have no
> idea what is causing the problem but my technical folks are checking
> at our end. Apologies for the inconvenience. 
> Cheers,
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>>> Chris,
>>> Thank you, I shall read after transit.
>>> But, why am I not surprised?
>>> el
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>>> On 14 Dec 2015, at 11:57, Chris Disspain <ceo at auda.org.au
>>> <mailto:ceo at auda.org.au>> wrote:
>>>> Hello All,
>>>> You will probably by now have seen that the Board has submitted
>>>> some comments in respect to the Third CCWG-Accountability Draft
>>>> Proposal and an accompanying letter from Steve Crocker. In case you
>>>> haven’t seen these yet, they are attached.
>>>> I thought it was important, as a ccNSO elected member of the Board,
>>>> to write to you to explain the background to these comments and
>>>> offer to discuss them with you at your convenience.
>>>> I am writing personally and not at the behest of the Board nor to
>>>> provide you with input/comment from the Board. These are my
>>>> personal opinions about where I think the Board is at, their
>>>> motivation (and mine) for making the comments and what some of the
>>>> comments might mean.
>>>> In my opinion, the Board is 100% supportive of the transition and
>>>> filled with admiration for the work and effort of those involved in
>>>> the CCWG. The Board believes that there are a number of areas of
>>>> concern in the report that need to be dealt with. I stress that
>>>> these are concerns of the Board as a whole. They are not concerns
>>>> of staff that have simply been agreed to by the Board but rather
>>>> concerns that the Board has expressed. Whilst the comment document
>>>> has been drafted by staff (as has the draft proposal from the CCWG)
>>>> this has been done at the direction of the Board and the full Board
>>>> has unanimously endorsed the comments. 
>>>> Some of these areas of concern can be characterised as ‘might it be
>>>> better if’ areas but a small number are of higher concern.
>>>> The Board has carefully considered these and provided detailed
>>>> comment together with suggestions for dealing with the problem(s)
>>>> that the Board perceives. There may be other solutions to the
>>>> problems and the Board is not tied to its suggested solution. 
>>>> In my opinion, the Board believes that if these higher concern
>>>> recommendations (or parts thereof) are not dealt with then when the
>>>> Board applies the global public interest test, in accordance with
>>>> its resolution of 16 October 2014
>>>> (https://www.icann.org/resources/board-material/resolutions-2014-10-16-en#2.d
>>>> <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.icann.org_resources_board-2Dmaterial_resolutions-2D2014-2D10-2D16-2Den-232.d&d=CwMFaQ&c=MOptNlVtIETeDALC_lULrw&r=62cJFOifzm6X_GRlaq8Mo8TjDmrxdYahOP8WDDkMr4k&m=1DbTjhQ5VT9lEKWxmFKcm_UTFEIWIVLLzFbyinM3hVI&s=jnpdB-fmVCALZJYa_l-th-G7G2DYQC-8WKAX3R_WBdI&e=>),
>>>> there is a significant chance that the Board will find that some of
>>>> those recommendations do not meet that test.
>>>> I fully endorse the Board comments and I believe that it is in all
>>>> of our best interests as ccTLD managers to take them into
>>>> account. I encourage you to carefully consider the CCWG
>>>> recommendations and the comments of the Board and to provide your
>>>> input to the ccNSO Council. I fully respect that some of you will
>>>> not agree with all (or any!) of the comments of the Board but hope
>>>> that, given my role and my commitment to the ccNSO and ccTLDs
>>>> generally, you will understand that these comments are well
>>>> intentioned and made in an effort to solve real issues with the
>>>> current CCWG draft. 
>>>> I stress again that the Board is, in my opinion, 100% behind the
>>>> transition. However, the transition has to be 'done right' and
>>>> ‘transition at all costs’ is not an acceptable stance, in my
>>>> view. I know the time line is important but I would rather miss a
>>>> deadline than not deal with the very real concerns of a group of 19
>>>> experienced individuals who have been nominated or elected to
>>>> the Board to serve the ICANN community and to act in their best
>>>> interests.
>>>> I will be delighted to answer any questions (on or off list) and to
>>>> talk to you one-on-one or as a group. I stand ready to do whatever
>>>> it takes to get a CCWG Final Report out to NTIA as soon as possible.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Chris Disspain| Chief Executive Officer
>>>> .au Domain Administration Ltd
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