[ATRT3-Review] FW: [Ext] Resigation from ATRT3

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Subject: [Ext] Resigation from ATRT3

    Much to my regret, I am painfully aware that I have managed to spend way too little time on ATRT3 activities. Other work that I perform has demanded a higher priority and the time cycles available for me to spend on ATRT3 calls, travel to meetings, etc is now essentially zero. I am also getting no employer support to attend ICANN meetings at the moment, nor any provision in my day job workload for the hours in the week I spend in ICANN-related voluntary tasks. Consequently, I feel that I am am only just sitting in a slot on ATRT3 and maybe there are others would would be in a position to devote more time to this exercise than I have been able to do.
    I will keep track of the team’s work, and particular the review team, where I still feel that sensible suggestions can be made to increase the effectiveness of reviews with far lower demands on volunteers’ time and efforts. I look forward to reviewing any such recommendations as a community member.
    I wish the team and of course the support staff all the best in its activities, and I leave with obvious feelings of regret that I have been unable to contribute the the level that I had anticipated when I joined this effort.
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