[Capacity-Building-WG] APRALO Brochures (Ideas for Outreach) and Preparation for Capacity Building

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Very good suggestions.
Its like preaching the Gospel of Christ-spreading the Good News
Thank you.

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Subject: [Capacity-Building-WG] APRALO Brochures (Ideas for Outreach) and	Preparation for Capacity Building

Dear All,

Post yesterday's call (APRALO), I was wondering whether all the ALSes could reach out within their own countries and commit to sharing the RALO story to other Organizations. You could even hand out the RALO brochure. The stories can be told in person in your local language or video.  The video does not have to be professionally assembled.

If each ALS could commit each year to reaching out to three Organisations (nationally, regionally), that would be fantastic. So far, outreach has been ad hoc but if we had a targeted approach, we could really raise the numbers. NARALO has been working towards partnering with ALSes to reach out for some time now and there are lessons to be gleaned from that.

The RALO brochure is available in most languages and noting the diversity of languages spoken, you can liaise with staff who are more than willing to send brochures to the ALS. It would also be great if the staff received some ad hoc informal report of how the brochures are used. If every ALS does this, we spread the message of RALO to a very diverse base.

Once the ALSes start coming in, we have to have a way of systematically immersing them so their entry is smooth. I note that the situation differs for ALSes, some are already actively involved in ICANN and whilst we already have Newcomers Kits, we really need to have a checklist and possibly explore having buddies from other ALSes. 

I am making this post here and whoever is in the Outreach sub-committee and other related and relevant Organisations can pick it up. 

Kind Regards,

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