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Dear Sala,

The information about the new ALS, which I represent is not in the list, please add:

(174) Armenian Association for the Disabled PYUNIC

Date: 22 Nov. 2012
Region: Asia/Pacific
Country: Armenia
Languages: Primary: Armenian (officially), Secondary: English (not officially)



P.S. Just for your information PYUNIC means PHOENIX (bird)  
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 08:45:16 +1200
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Subject: [Capacity-Building-WG] At Large Capacity Building Spreadsheet

Dear All,

As per our last meeting, you were asked to review the Spreadsheet and identify whether the information from your respective regions is correct.  We were to have checked to see whether the entries were correct. This is what you are to look for:-

Cross check with your RALO websites to see whether all ALSes are in this spreadsheet, if they are not highlight which ones need to be added, noting that there are new ALSes that have recently joined At Large through joining the RALOs;
Identify indicators such as primary and secondary languages spoken;
By now, we should have completed [1] the verification process and checking;We need to now analyse this information and do our Trend Analysis.

I have asked the Staff to make some changes to the Wiko to allow us to seamlessly work on the wiki and maximise our productivity in this area. For now if there are things that you think should be updated in the spreadsheet, please reply to this mailing list so that we can capture it, until the wiki is ready for us.

Kind Regards,

Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro aka SalaP.O. Box 17862SuvaFiji
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