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Thu Mar 28 20:32:23 UTC 2013

Dear All,

Firstly, season's greetings and a Blessed Easter to those of you that
celebrate Easter! Happy Holika to those of you who celebrate Holi,
particularly our Asian comrades in India. If I have missed your special
holiday this weekend, other than these two events, my apologies!

The recording will be posted later today and the transcripts of the meeting
will be posted after 48 hours. We had excellent discussions and
interactions from representatives of various RALOs and region.

I would encourage those that did not attend the meeting to please make time
to read the transcripts or listen to the recording and if there are issues
that you think need to be raised, please post them to the mailing list here
so that we can factor it in.

Whilst the meeting with ALAC and having Mathew Shears speak was already set
by Staff where we can discuss certain things, I have also asked for another
room where we can find an hour to go through some of our operational work
and engage in some operational matters. If you are in favour of this second
meeting, please respond by saying: +1  It will be informal

We should also look for some time to maybe go out and have coffee together.
Let us know.
We had some very excellent discussions in the call today where those who
were on the call gave feedback on the spreadsheet and the nature of the
information that we were compiling. There was acknowledgement for the
comprehensive work done in gathering the information, revising the
information aside from helping us identify some inaccuracies within the
Dashboard and the spreadsheet. (Darlene Thompson, Adela Danciu, Fatima
Cambronero, Oksana Prykhodko, Tijani Ben Jemaa).The information has many
uses and it can help identify:-

   - Priority areas and various levels of need for capacity building
   (countries, ALSes etc). [Dev Anand Teelucksingh).
   - ALSes that are also have Government Advisory Committee (GAC) members/
   ccTLD operators/registrars and how we can effectively utilise the
   synergies; (Dev Anand Teelucksingh and Sala)
   - Growth rate of ALSes in terms of RALO membership and also
   participation in ICANN processes


We will be working on compiling a report based on the spreadsheet, trend
analysis and mapping recommendations and this will be hosted on the Wiki
(Sala) for members to add their comments.

*Action Item: Prepare Report for Beijing*


*Synergy [Networking]*

We had some excellent discussions on the need to work collaboratively
across ICANN and potential synergies with the GAC/ccNSO/gNSO/ASO etc. The
synergy needs to be both internal to ALAC and At Large, that is with other
working groups such as Outreach and also external to ALAC and At Large
(Tijani)  such as the ASOs who are actively engaged in things like Network
Operator Groups (NOGs) and who have expressed openness to explore capacity
building synergies (Sala).

*Action Item:        We should include this on the ALAC/GAC discussions
(Tijani Ben Jemaa)*
Identification of Needs of ALSes and RALO Needs [Online Survey]*

There was discussion on the need to identify the Needs of the ALSes and
RALOs through an online survey.. We discussed how it was very important
that feedback and community participation is critical (Adela Danciu, Fatima
Cambronero, Oksana Prykhodko, Sala) whilst preparing the various backend
processes that will be needed to facilitate the call (Tijani).

LACRALO had done a Survey and have mapped out feedback from their ALSes on
priority areas which they will share with us. (Fatima Cambronero).

In the meantime, work on the Online Survey will be done on the wiki where
people can add things that they would like to factor into the Online
Survey. Care has to be taken that we avoid duplication with ATLAS Survey
(Heidi) although we have different objectives (Juan Manuel Rojas).
**Action Item:** Work on Online Survey on the Wiki **

Identification of Materials That is Relevant for At Large*
Adela Danciu who has vast experience with Capacity Building gave
preliminary comments on her experience with Capacity Building Globally
through Diplo Foundation and things that we need to factor in as we move
towards mapping various things both from a curriculum perspective,
technology and general considerations. Yaovi made some excellent comments
but due to challenges in the call - we will wait for the transcripts so
that I do not misinterpret what he was saying.

*Discussions on the Mode of Capacity Building*
There was excellent discussion on the modes of capacity building and the
need to understand the diverse demands of our global community and how we
can meet these challenges through the various modes. Tijani introduced the
Online Education Platform and summarised discussions of meeting with Mathew
Shears. Dev Anand Teelucksingh elaborated the importance of utilising
social media. We need to keep in mind social media for crowdsourcing and
add it in the curricula: how to effectively use it (Adela Danciu).

This is a brief summary of some of the key issues that was discussed.

@CBSC - It will be great if we could have a chat amongst ourselves some
time next week over skype or email.

In the meantime, Happy Easter to ALL!

Kind Regards,
Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro aka Sala
*Chair CB WG*
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