[Capacity-Building-WG] draft survey

Oksana Prykhodko sana.pryhod at gmail.com
Mon May 20 18:17:11 UTC 2013


1. ALS details

1.1. Date of registration.

1.2. Date of joining At-Large.

1.3. Number of members:

- individual members;

- organizational members.

1.4. Level of representation of ALS:

- international;

- national;

- regional;

- state (?);

- local. (table)

1.4. Web-site.

1.5. Contact details (?).

2. Level of expertize

2.1. Core mission (we can segregate it into different strings –
technical, judicial and so on and put it into the table)

2.2. In what sphere you can provide your expertise?

2.3. Where you need the help?

2.4. Your ALS members participation in Working Groups, regional or
thematic events (IGF, TechDays and so on) – could you please provide
us with details? (table)

3. Level of cooperation

3.1. Did you have experience of cooperation with other ALSes, with
other ICANN constituencies from your country (ccNSO, GAC and so on),
ISOC chapters? (table)

3.2. Did you have experience of cooperation with parallel structures
from other countries?

3.3. Did you have experience of influence on governmental decisions
within your country?

3.4. Did you participate in working-out the decisions of regional
structures regarding Internet Governance?

3.5. Did you participate in WCIT process?

4. Linguistic level

4.1. Native/official/working language(s)

4.2. Other languages – where you can help with translation and
understanding, where you need help

4.3. Usability of any on-line tools – could you please share your
positive experience regarding using of different languages?

4.4. Wiki-glossary in different languages

5. Communication tools

5.1. Does your ALS have own web-site? (table)

- if yes, does it have interactive functions (forums, chat so on)?

- if yes, does it have any information, that your ALS is the member of
At-Large (logo, At-Large/RALO Bylaws etc.)?

- if yes, is it in one language or in more than one?

5.2. Do you have your ALS account in social media? If yes, please
provide us any details (table).

5.3. What other tools of communication do you use?

6. Meetings of ALS members

6.1. Does your ALS hold regular meetings with its members?

6.2. If yes, how often?

6.3. If yes, in what type (Face to face, teleconference, webinars,
others)? (table)

7. Integration into ICANN ecosystem (Questions 11-14 from previous survey)

7.1. Scale of 1 to 5, how well is At-Large integrated in overall ICANN
policy structure? (table)

7.2. Scale of 1 to 5, how well your ALS integrated in the overall
ALAC/RALO/ALS policy structure? (table)

7.3. What are the most important limitations to ALS participation? (table)

7.4. Which recommendation(s) does your ALS consider the most important
to increasing its own participation in ICANN? (table)

7.5. Which, if any, recommendation(s) would your ALS like to help the
ALAC implement? (table)

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