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Salanieta T. Tamanikaiwaimaro salanieta.tamanikaiwaimaro at gmail.com
Tue May 21 05:57:45 UTC 2013

Dear Colleagues,

This is a brief follow-up after today's meeting.  Satish and Oksana are
leading the compilation on the Survey and we are all invited to comment on
the Survey Draft Questions that they have initiated. Today we created
sub-group structures to allow us to focus on our tasks. To this end, we
would like to invite you to please select one (1) group only if you have
not given your preferred group. There will be time for cross pollination of
ideas so we all get a chance to put our fingerprints on each Group's
completed tasks. We would like to encourage everyone to fully utilise their
areas of skill sets/competence/expertise such as public
relations/journalism/IT/engineering/teaching etc to ensure that we can have
a rich breadth of input.

Below, you will find the links (URL) to the space for each sub-group.





Face to Face




Social Media


We encourage you to be innovative and utilise the wiki and the email list
for your discussions. I would like to ask the Staff to please post the
Action Items in the Wiki. The most pressing deadline is to finalise the
Survey by next week Friday.

*General Guidelines*

For instance when using the Mailing list to discuss your group's work
please put your group in paratheses, for example. If I am in the "Content"
Team and I wish to initiate a thread on "Content" then in the subject line
of the email I will put [Content]. Groups have two weeks to complete their
tasks and we encourage you to initiate dialogue, create an energetic
environment and empower your colleagues to participate. Remember that you
all have an equal voice so we would like you to have a sense of ownership
to the group that you have selected. Feel free to be creative, think
outside the box. Remember, you/we are doing this for all the ALSes and our
At Large community to empower them equally. So with that, feel energised.
We are looking forward to seeing heavy traffic in the email lists and trust
that you can synthesise the same and add to the wiki.

>From time to time, the Steering Committee will initiate dialogue or
encourage discussion in a set of area that we feel needs to be addressed.
Please feel free to do the same as well if you see that discussions are
stagnant etc. The Tasks are to be completed and presented in a word
document within 2 weeks from today.

*Survey [To Be Finalised By Friday Next Week]*
The initial draft that Oksana and Satish have prepared is on the Wiki so
please add your comment. Also look within your groups and figure out what
are at least 2 or three questions that you would like to know from members
of the At Large community. You can forward this to the Survey Team at least
by Monday next week because on Tuesday, the editing of the Survey will
start where we will start finalising the Survey. To access the current list
of questions, please see the link provided for in the table above. In the
event that you think questions are redundant, please do so.

Thank you to all those that have given your names of your preferred groups.
The list below shows those that have yet to express a preference for which
Group you would like to join and the names are as follows:

   1. Tijani Ben- Jemaa
   2. Pastor Peters Omoragbhon
   3. Chaitanya Dhareshwar
   4. Karaitiana Taiuru
   5. Satish Babu
   6. Yashar Hajiyev
   7. Lisa Williams-Lahari
   8. Elisa Kohlhase
   9. Nimrol Agarwal
   10. Sainivalati Nabogikolo
   11. Adela Danciu
   12. Sandra Hoferichter
   13. Mathias Pfeifer
   14. Jose Arce
   15. Erik Hiesca
   16. Emani Fakaotimanalava-Lui

We would like you to please select which Groups you would like to join by
this week. On Friday, we will be closing the space for volunteers
involvement and if no names come forward by then, we will assume that you
are disinterested in the operations of the Working Group. If for some you
this is the first time to the Wiki, please feel free to send Staff or Dev
Anand Teelucksingh" <devtee at gmail.com> who is a Member of the Steering
Committee and he can guide you. If this is your first time to contribute to
an At large project, we would like to say that we are excited to share in
your first experience and please feel free to send us emails (staff)  to

Feel free to ask if things are not clear and please keep the communication
lines open.

Thank you.

Warm Regards,
Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro aka Sala
P.O. Box 17862

Twitter: @SalanietaT
Tel: +679 3544828
Fiji Cell: +679 998 2851
Blog: salanieta.blogspot.com
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