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 good idea, nothing to modify

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 Dear all,
 I proposed to Wolf to merge the ATLAS II and the Capacity
 Building surveys for the following reasons:
 ·        Both surveys are urgent since
 both are needed for the Summit II
 ·        If not merged, they will be
 distributed in the same period, which will produce a
 confusion and may lead to inconsistent answers or very few
 ALSes responding
 ·        The only disadvantage of
 merging them is that it will result in a very long survey
 that may discourage the ALSes to go through it.
 ·        The proposal is to conceive a
 survey of 3 parts:
 o   Section 1: ALS Details
 o   Section 2: Part dedicated to ATLAS II WG
 o   Section 3: Part dedicated to Capacity
 Building WG
 ·        Section 1 will be very short
 to provide up to date contacts and languages used
 ·        Section 2 will be finalized by
 the ATLAS II survey sub-group
 ·        Section 3 will be a very short
 part for Capacity Building
 To make things practical, I’m proposing in the attached
 ·        What the CB WG thinks it could
 be section 1
 ·        Section 3 as shortened by a
 small team in the CB WG (Dev, Carlos and myself).
 I want to remind you that for the ATLAS II summit, the ALSes
 need to be prepared for an effective and efficient
 participation, and the CBWG is in charge of such
 preparation. That’s why the CBWG needs this section of the
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