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Thanks Maureen, for this. The follow up questions about the communications session are appropriate.
Dev Anand

On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 5:13 PM, Maureen Hilyard <hilyard at oyster.net.ck> wrote:

Hi Tijani,
 If we want people to come to these sessions regularly, they must first learn something from them and there should not be any onerous evaluation after them. 
 Based on the information that Dev has sent to us about the COMMUNICATION session, the evaluation draft I have prepared should firstly just tell us if we achieved OUR objectives or not, and how else we might be able to assist ALSes to better understand the topic that has been introduced for later sessions. As the initial evaluation, we also need to know that the technology is working for them too, otherwise they won’t be able to attend anyway. My recommendation is to send a brief link to a monkey survey with the invitation, that participants can return after the session, consisting of the following.
 (To be included into the invitation?)ALSes are an important part of the At Large consultation process. Your participation in policy development sessions contributes to decision-making within At Large and ICANN overall. This session is part of a programme of topics which aims to provide some background before the ATLAS II meeting in London. You are expected to attend these sessions and the evaluation form will record your attendance as well as provide us with valuable feedback. 
 (Evaluation form)To: (Name)Regional Group (RALO):
Email address: Thank you for participating in our Pre-ATLAS II Capacity Building session on COMMUNICATION
 Please indicate your responses to the following questions.  (provide buttons to click) 
I was able to hear and understand the speakers during the session                                                                          Yes         NoI had no difficulty with the technology (Adobe Connect or phone connectivity)                                                  Yes         No
 I now understand:1.       The communication network within At Large (ALSes, RALOs, At Large Staff, the ALAC)                    Yes         No

2.       How to communicate with the At Large community (mailing list, Skype, wiki, others?)                    Yes         No

3.       Where to find information about At Large meetings (emails, At Large calendar)                                 Yes         No

4.       How to connect to and participate in an At Large meeting (Adobe, phone bridge, Skype)              Yes         No

 Any comments to help us with further capacity building training in this area?(provide a comments box– limit 50 words)
 SUBMIT (to At Large staff)

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