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Julie Hammer julie.hammer at bigpond.com
Tue Dec 13 07:31:40 UTC 2016

Dear Tijani,

I have reached out to Rod Rasmussen to see whether he would be willing to deliver another session on "Current security trends impacting registrants and end users” as he did in October.  I think the topic and material is very relevant and still current.  If you want him to do this, he has said that about the middle of the year would be good timing for him.

Cheers,  Julie

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Subject: [ALAC] 2017 Capacity Building

Dear all,

We are about to start a new year for the Capacity Building Working Group, and we need to prepare the program for 2017.

Wether you are member of the WG or not, please provide your preferred topics for 2017 program by 20 December 2016 so that the Capacity Building Working Group establish the first draft of the program. of course, you may send topics at any time after the deadline since the program is dynamic.

Thank you for your involvement.

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