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Great point Alfredo, thank you for sharing. We hope to be able to present the strategy in Kobe and offer it for discussion. „Forming leaders” sounds like the perfect addition to the leader training we have on the agenda. Thanks!

Best regards, 
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Dear, I agree. 

Leader training is planned. Maybe we should also think about "Forming leaders".
In fact, in LACRALO in a short time we have planned a course for those who have never held any position in our RALO, ALAC, ICANN and an introductory ICANN Learn course will be mandatory.

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El 3 mar 2019, a las 5:50 p.m., Joanna Kulesza <jkuleszaicann at gmail.com> escribió:

Dear all, 
following Daniel’s example, I would  like to present the Capacity Building Strategy before we all take off for Kobe. Thank you to everyone who fueled the informed discussion and the trust you put in the CB WG. I am very much looking forward to working with you towards the goals we have identified. 
I would like to kindly ask you to look into and, hopefully, endorse the CB Strategy. Following what seems to be an established custom, please kindly consider to endorse the strategy by replying to the thread. The next step would be to offer it to ALAC for their approval.
Kind regards,
Joanna Kulesza
Capacity Building Working Group co-chair 
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