[Capacity-Building-WG] promo card for UA webinar (16 June 2020)

Hadia Abdelsalam Mokhtar EL miniawi Hadia at tra.gov.eg
Sat Jun 13 11:59:43 UTC 2020

​Hi Natalia,

Thank you! I love it.

The only thing, I think the header “Universal Acceptance: How It Affects End-Users, Language Communities and ICANN At-Large”

should be on the left, the right looks quite odd to me. But then it’s up to you and what you think works best.


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Dear colleagues and friends,
please find the promo card attached to this email for the upcoming UA webinar.
Please, check and tell me if I need to change something.

I would like to suggest  for each webinar (as well as for At-Large public sessions if we want) which we are going to promote to put additional information on the wiki page of each webinar:
Names of speakers/moderators+their positions in At-Large/ICANN/affiliation organisations that they would like to indicate, their photos which may be used (we know this is a separate topic-photos).
It helps to make faster (without additional requests and confirmations) any promo materials in the most correct format.


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