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Hi Niels,

On Jan 22, 2016 2:59 AM, "Niels ten Oever" <niels at article19.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We just had our CCWP HR call, it was a bit less populated than normally.

It was scheduled at 1:00am for me :)
> I would like stimulate everyone who has volunteered for work in
> subgroups to conribute to the work or let the group know if you have
> less time so that people at least know you;re not available.
> Together we can make this happen, don't leave your colleagues hanging :)
> Here a short overview:

I see updates from all subgroups. Are all those discussions conducted in
the mailing lists are by emails threads?



> - Subgroup 1.
> Has been doing mapping on cases. Is waiting for some further input for
> the table. Is lacking a good graphic designer. Niels will put Marilia in
> contact with Datakind for a graphic designer.
> - Subgroup 2.
> Identified a list of 11 possible topics but have identified four cases
> on which they'll work the coming time:
> 1. Preliminary Issue Report on a GNSO Policy Development Process to
> Review All Rights Protection Mechanisms in All gTLDs
> -
> comment for Prelim Issue Report is closed, but PDP continues.This will
> affect UDRP, Rapid Suspension procedure and otherrights-protection
> measures for the gTLDs.
> 2. Geographic Regions Review Working Group
> -https://www.icann.org/public-comments/geo-regions-2015-12-23-en.Public
> comment period ongoing. Issues of substantive v. formal
> representation/inclusiveness, of proportional representation based
> on(for ex) number of Internet users across the continents.
> 3. Name Collisions Management Framework: The framework does not set out
> a process to hear parties with colliding names, but only authorises
> registries to undertake controlled interruption
> 4. UDRP: In Clause 4(a) on Mandatory Administrative Proceedings for
> Applicable Disputes, the scope of applicable disputes is limited to
> trademark-related disputes. Issues surrounding freedom of expression,
> privacy, community interests in a domain name, geographical interests
> indomain names, etc. are not addressed.
> Please also see Vidushi's update to this list.
> Subgroup 3.
> Will be working on a template for a human rights impact assessment. A
> draft outline for the work can be found attached.
> Subgroup 4.
> is mapping the issues that are relevant from a HR standpoint in the GNSO
> working group charter on new gTLD subsequent procedures. The group is
> choosing topics of interest and getting prepared for the upcoming call
> for volunteers to be issued by GNSO staff soon.
> Subgroup 5.
> GNSO WG on WHOIS has started, more info here:
> https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2016-01-04-en . This SG will
> come back soon with more inputs and information
> Operational issues:
> - Joint session with GAC WG on Human Rights and International Law as
> been requested
> - Public session for CCWP HR has been requested as well as a working
> session for ICANN meeting in Marakesh.
> Extra: RPM
> The GNSO will likely start a Policy Development Process (PDP) to review
> all Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) in all gTLDs. The PDP will be
> two-phased, starting with a review of RPMs in the new gTLDs and, in a
> subsequent, second phase, review the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy
> (UDRP).
> All the best,
> Niels
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