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Wed Feb 1 05:23:10 UTC 2017

Thank you for the clarification Marika. To me this translates to the
group's mandate being a  commensurate "one-time" mechanism.

Kind Regards,


On Wed, Feb 1, 2017, at 05:28 AM, Marika Konings wrote:

> Dear Waudo,


> Please note that the charter states that:


> “These proceeds are to be considered as an exceptional, one-time
> source of revenue”.

> However, you may also be interested in the opinion that Alan (co-
> chair of the drafting team that developed the charter) shared in an
> earlier thread:
> “- There *may* be another round or rounds;

> - There *may* be auctions

> - Any such auctions *may* have their proceeds designated for uses
>   similar to in the first round.

> All of these would be the result of GNSO PDP(s) and Board action, and
> are out of scope for us, regardless of whether we think any or all of
> this would be good (and I am not advocating any of this here). If all
> of those were to come to be, then the process we are developing *may*
> be applicable (again, a decision WAY out of our scope). Nothing that
> we do should REQUIRE that we must start all over again and re-invent
> this in such a situation.”

> Best regards,


> Marika


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> Dear all,

> I missed the call but I am impressed by the progress that was made.
> Reading the action points/discussion notes I think our focus now
> should be on expanding and finalizing Item 5 - Workplan. I suggest we
> set a deadline for having the workplan in place and also focus on this
> item on the next call.

> I have a question on scope meantime. Probably those in the group who
> may have participated in the formulation of the charter could be of
> help: Is this exercise confined to the proceeds of the first round
> auctions or do we need to come up with a mechanism encompassing any
> future rollout scenarios (currently not known). The Charter just
> refers to "new gTLDAuction Proceeds".

> Kind Regards,

> Waudo Siganga
>  Chair
>  The Computer Society of Kenya

> Tel: +254722395900

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