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Thanks Marika,

I have also suggested that Sam Eisner brief the group on the very definition 
of ICANN’s Mission, as it was recently updated with the purpose of defining 
its scope more clearly, as part of the IANA Stewardship Transition.



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Dear All,

In relation to action item #1, please find at the following link a table to 
which the CCWG can start adding possible topics for future briefings as well 
as individuals/organizations that the CCWG may want to consult at some point 
in time: 
Ideally the CCWG will be in a position to match the 
individuals/organizations with the topics that are identified for which 
further information and/or briefings are needed. This may of course also 
include CCWG members and/or participants that may have relevant knowledge 
and expertise (note, a draft survey to assess CCWG skills and expertise is 
forthcoming shortly).

At this stage, the list only includes some recommendations from staff. At 
the end of the document you will find the suggestions that have been made on 
the mailing list to date. Those that made those suggestions are encouraged 
to add the relevant details to the tables. Of course, any other suggestions 
are also welcome.

Best regards,


P.S. you will also find the Word version attached for those that are 
unfamiliar or do not have access to Google Docs.

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Date: Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 10:14 AM
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Subject: [Ccwg-auctionproceeds] Notes and action items from today's new gTLD 
Auction Proceeds CCWG

Dear All,

Please find below the notes and action items from today’s meeting. The next 
meeting will be scheduled for Thursday 9 February at 15.00 UTC for 90 

Best regards,


Notes - 26 January 2017 CCWG Auction Proceeds

These high-level notes are designed to help PDP WG members navigate through 
the content of the call and are not meant as a substitute for the transcript 
and/or recording. The MP3, transcript, and chat are provided separately and 
are posted on the wiki at: 

1. Roll Call

·         Attendance will be taken from Adobe Connect

·         This WG has members, participants and observers. Only members and 
participants are invited to calls. The call details are circulated on a 
non-archived mailing list (ntyf). Please do not circulate these details. 
Should you want to change your status from observer to participant, please 
contact gnso-secs at icann.org.

·         Please remember to mute your microphone when not speaking.

2. Welcome & Introductions

·         Get to know each other via participation or possible an in person 
meeting at a future ICANN meeting. Feel free to reach out to staff or 
raising your hands if you have any questions.

·         If you want to speak, please use the raising hand feature in Adobe 

·         Staff support for this effort will be provided by Marika Konings 
(GNSO), Joke Braeken (ccNSO) and Nathalie Peregrine (SO/AC Support Team).

·         Two Board liaisons have been appointed to this effort (Asha 
Hemrajani and Becky Burr) as the Board has fiduciary responsibilities. 
Expected to be a go between the CCWG and Board to highlight any concerns or 
questions the CCWG and/or Board may have.

·         Samantha Eisner (deputy legal Counsel, ICANN) will continue in the 
role of staff liaison/advisor, similar to the support she provided in the 
drafting team by advising on ICANN's legal and fiduciary responsibilities.

·         Lauren Allison is providing internal support to ICANN org on this 
topic and is also expected to join this call on a regular basis.

·         CCWG should be comfortable with this level of staff support 
provided - if there are any concerns, these should be flagged.

High level principles of operation of CCWGs:

·         CCWG will be lead and co-ordinated by the co-chairs appointed by 
the Chartering Organizations. To date, the GNSO and ccNSO have appointed a 
co-chair (Jonathan Robinson - GNSO, Ching Chiao - ccNSO).

·         Leadership team meets prior to the meeting to prepare the agenda 
and prep for the meeting.

·         CCWG is expected to work as a collaborative unit - need to 
excercise discipline.

·         Members are appointed by chartering organization and serve a 
specific liaison role.

·         Participants participate in the same way as members do, the only 
difference may be if there is a need for a consensus call (noting that the 
leadership will do its best to avoid the need for any votes).

·         Observers can follow the discussions on the mailing list, but are 
not invited to join calls.

·         All members and participants are required to complete a statement 
of interest and a declaration of interest.

·         If after a number of reminders you have not completed your SOI or 
DOI your status will be downgraded to observer until you have completed the 
required statements.

·         For more information about the practical workings of Adobe 
Connect, wiki, etc., please review the communication tools webinar (see 

·         Is there anything as "good standing" for CCWG members/participants 
similar to 
https://www.w3.org/2004/02/Process-20040205/groups.html#good-standing? No, 
not currently, only requirements are SOI and DOI.

3. Update on CO membership appointments and chairs

·         Still awaiting appointments from the ASO, ALAC and GAC - these are 

·         All have confirmed their participation and adoption of the 

·         The ccNSO Council has appointed Ching as an interim co-chair - the 
Council will revisit its decision during ICANN59 whether it will officially 
appoint a co-chair to this group, and if so, whether it is Ching or someone 

4. Review CCWG charter

·         See slides circulated 

5. Discuss what information and/or preparation is needed to start developing 
work plan

·         What briefing / input is needed? For example, should another 
briefing on the legal and fiduciary constraints be provided? Any other 
information / expertise that will be required?

·         What preparations / inputs are needed prior to developing the work 

·         Determine what expertise is available in the CCWG. Consider 
surveying the CCWG to determine what expertise is available in the CCWG to 
see what expertise may be missing.

·         CCWG will need to give consideration as part of its deliberations 
to local/global nature of mechanism recommended.

·         Need briefings from people that do this as part of their daily 
jobs to get further insights into best practices. Need to avoid reinventing 
the wheel so important to benefit from those that have expertise in this 
area. Note a number of suggestions and offers made in the chat. Develop a 
list of possible organisations to invite / speak to at the outset.

·         Create two documents: table of expertise of CCWG members - 
individuals can add to this (proposer, expertise). Create document to start 
ad-hoc thinking about the questions.

Action item #1: Start building list of prospective individuals / 
organizations that could provide input and expertise at the outset of the 
CCWG deliberations

Action item #2: Staff to develop draft table of expertise for CCWG 
completion and start ad-hoc document which will allow CCWG 
members/participants to share thinking about charter questions.

6. Discuss proposed timing, duration and frequency of meetings

·         Factoring in time zone spread of CCWG members and participants, 
suggests that a single time slot of 15.00 UTC may work for most. If this 
does not work, may need to consider alternatives, including rotation.

·         Proposed to continue on Thursdays, for 90 minutes, every two 

·         For ICANN58, staff will be requesting a slot on Wednesday from 
15.15-16.45 local time for the CCWG. CCWG can decide at a later date whether 
you want to use this slot or not.

7. AOB

8. Confirm next steps & time / date for next meeting

·         9 February at 15.00 UTC for 90 minutes

Marika Konings

Senior Policy Director & Team Leader for the GNSO, Internet Corporation for 
Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Email: marika.konings at icann.org

Follow the GNSO via Twitter @ICANN_GNSO

Find out more about the GNSO by taking our interactive 
and visiting the GNSO Newcomer pages[gnso.icann.org] 

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