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Sylvia Cadena sylvia at apnic.net
Thu Feb 2 16:20:28 UTC 2017

Thanks Marika.

I don't have anything significant to add to the proposed survey. It is a good starting point. Just 2 cents.

- On Financial and Legal, it might be better to separate on different lines " Fund / trust / grant management" as the expertise to manage one might defer to manage the other one.

- It might be worth to add a separate category, it might be good to know also if the expertise is for local, national, regional or global programs, as the legal framework will differ as well as many financial management practices to deal with international transfers, partnerships restrictions, rates, etc.

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Dear All,

In follow up to action item 2, please find for your review a first draft of a survey that would allow CCWG members and participants to identify their knowledge and expertise of relevance to the CCWG deliberations at the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Preview/?sm=iJD_2BOGV1jKaYKNKp0YPYtb3Y_2B4CFbFfV9yeuyLPEhTEihhvEs2NtCJXPdZwp3BrQ. At this stage you are requested to review the areas of expertise identified and suggested any additions and / or modifications. Following your input, we will launch the survey so that everyone has an opportunity to fill out the survey and share their respective knowledge and expertise.



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