[Ccwg-auctionproceeds] [Ext] F2f planned in Copenhagen ?

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Thanks Marika,

Glad a meeting is already booked for those of you traveling to Copenhagen. Look forwad to the remote participation information, as I will not be traveling to Copenhagen.

A doodle poll might help to have an idea about who is and who is not going to be attending Copenhagen.

As for FtF meetings, I think it will be too early in the process to have a longer meeting (90 min is ok) as the discussion has just started, expert advice has not yet been requested nor provided so we are really far away from any kind of resolution to the issues at hand. However, it will be advisable to include an agenda item in one of our future conference calls (soonish) to plan for future meetings (scope, input needed, etc).

If a more than 90 min are needed, then it will be advisable to look for a bit of time either before or after the official dates for the ICANN meeting schedule of that specific meeting to see if people can arrive a bit early or leave a bit later than originally planned to have a longer working session without massively interferring with their schedules. As the group is quite large, maybe it might be a good idea to know about how many members and participants are interested/available for future meetings to explore the possibility.

It is very important that meetings around this CCWG are recorded, and that the chair and co-chair look for ways to confirm consensous / direction on a combination of particpation on the mailing list, conference calls and FtF meetings.

In my case, I might be able to join one of the next ICANN meetings, but I will need to have a very concrete agenda for work around this CCWG to justify the trip, plus enough time to get budget approval/logistics organized (at least 6 weeks).

I look forward to read everyone's answers to the initial questions raised by the Drafting Team and the list of expert advise currently under development, as well as to the final survey to capture the groups expertise.

Warm regards,


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Hi Daniel,

Staff has tentatively requested Wednesday from 15.15 – 16.45 local time for a CCWG-Auction Proceeds meeting. It is up to the CCWG to decide whether or not you want to make use of that slot, but it is easier to cancel the slot than to request one at a later date.

Best regards,


On 2/2/17, 12:07 PM, "Daniel Dardailler" <danield at w3.org<mailto:danield at w3.org>> wrote:

    With ICANN 58 a couple of months away, I suppose that like me, people
    need to arrange travel (or not) to Denmark.

    Do we already know if we're going to meet, and which day ?
    And if we don't know yet, when will we know ?


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