[Ccwg-auctionproceeds] Jonathan Robinson - GNSO Appointed Co-Chair to CWG Auctions

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Hope you will continue to be with us as member. Afilias’ experience will be really valuable for this group.
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Please note that I have written to the GNSO Council asking that I be replaced as the GNSO Appointed Co-Chair to this group – the Cross-Community Working Group on new gTLD Auction Proceeds (CWG Auctions).

In this context, I would like to remind you of the following:

1.       The net proceeds arising from ICANN’s new gTLD auctions now total in excess of US$230m.

2.       In excess of US$130m of that US$230m is derived from the auction of .web, a TLD for which Afilias plc was an applicant and eventual ICANN auction participant.
Moreover, Afilias is clearly on record as disputing the outcome of the ICANN auction for .web.

The charter drafting team for the CWG Auctions placed particular emphasis on the issue of conflict of interest when drafting the Charter for this CWG. Close attention to conflict of interest related concerns will be necessary now in relation to the work of the CWG and, even more so, in future with regard to any process or mechanism that may be put in place as a result of the work of the CWG.

Now, considering that the tests for conflict of interest may include an actual, potential or even perceived conflict of interest and given the context provided above, it is quite possible that I may be seen to have at least a perceived conflict of interest in the execution of the work of the CWG Auctions.

Accordingly, I have written to the GNSO to ask that a successor co-chair be appointed as soon as reasonably possible.



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