[Comments-biz-renewal-03apr19] 10% Maximum Year over Year Registration Fee Increase Should Remain

Nate DeSimone nateman1352 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 05:59:43 UTC 2019

This renewal proposal does not include the 10% maximum year over year
increase in registration fees found in previous registry agreements. This
limit should remain in effect. Inflation of the US dollar has been
substantially less than 10% for 38 years and it is extremely unlikely for
it to increase above 10% in any circumstance other than economic collapse.
It would therefore be impossible to classify a price increase >10% as
anything other than pure rent-seeking.

ICANN is ultimately accountable to the Internet community and has a moral
obligation to place that community above domain registrars. ICANN is
therefore duty-bound to oppose rent-seeking by the domain registrars. This
is absolutely critical to protect the creativity and innovation that the
Internet contributes to our modern society.
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