[Comments-biz-renewal-03apr19] Keep price limits on .biz

Geoff Kuenning geoff at cs.hmc.edu
Fri Apr 26 05:02:21 UTC 2019

Although it was not part of the original "big seven" top-level 
domains, .biz has long served as a sensible alternative to .com. 
Thousands of small businesses have taken advantage of that 
top-level domain to establish their Web sites; many of them have 
done so to work around domain squatters who captured, but do not 
operate, closely related .com domains.

Removing price limitations on .biz would put those small 
businesses in an untenable position.  Equivalent .com domains are 
often unavailable, and the existing sites already have established 
a presence under the businesses' customers.  A significantly 
higher price would certainly be a major burden, and would probably 
drive a few small businesses into bankruptcy.

Nor is it the case that significant price increases are necessary. 
DNS operates effectively on the funding that it has, and the 
addition of new high-priced top-level domains such as .money has 
resulted in a significant additional infusion of cash.

There is no reason to remove price limitations.  Please keep .biz 
    Geoff Kuenning   geoff at cs.hmc.edu 

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