[Comments-biz-renewal-03apr19] Seriously? Life isn't expensive enough already?

Sarah Beebe sarelizbeebe at gmail.com
Fri Apr 26 20:30:54 UTC 2019

As has been stated so eloquently before me--

This renewal proposal does not include the 10% maximum year over year
increase in registration fees found in previous registry agreements.
limit should remain in effect. Inflation of the US dollar has been
substantially less than 10% for 38 years and it is extremely unlikely
for it to increase above 10% in any circumstance other than economic
collapse. It would therefore be impossible to classify a price
increase >10% as anything other than pure rent-seeking.

ICANN is ultimately accountable to the Internet community and has a
moral obligation to place that community above domain registrars.
ICANN is therefore duty-bound to oppose rent-seeking by the domain
registrars. This is absolutely critical to protect the creativity and
innovation that the Internet contributes to our modern society.

This comes off as another case of bureaucracy bowing down to companies
money-grabbing just because they can.  After the disaster of the FCC
trying to remove net neutrality to allow abuse by ISPs, and the
backlash within the internet community, it seems irrational and
irresponsible to allow (independent) website owners to be abused in
this new way.  Making the internet more and more inhospitable to the
people who make the internet the great place it is, will only
ultimately drive people away from it. And while it holds a fairly
monopolizing power in the digital age, there is no guarantee that
something better will be created to replace the current system and
drive despots out of business.
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