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I totally agree with Clément’s statement below. Also keep in mind that if
they increase the price of these domains, they will start increasing the
prices of all the other domains as well, it is only a matter of time.
Domains are pure profit, it’s just a digital product being transferred
online with little costs. 



“ Although this TLD has not had the expected success, I find it abnormal 

that a holder of such a domain name experiences an incomprehensible 



The increase of this TLD, reserved for the commercial sector, risks 

sending a bad signal to the business world.


Historical gTLDs benefit from a certain framework, which encourages 

registrars to promote this type of extension. Deregulating these gTLDs 

so that they become like ngTLDs will not benefit anyone except registry 

managers for one or two years.


The outstanding results of.COM over other extensions, see Verisign 

DNIB, is a weak signal that the community must accept and interpret.



The lack of a framework for gTLD pricing policies has led to some

disappointments, as evidenced by the reactions of registrars when

Uniregistry significantly increased its prices on its extensions.

Similarly, the « Dot Chinese Online » has increased its prices by 25

since 15 March 2019. The market is not ready for significant price

fluctuations on underutilized TLDs. The .BIZ, used by many companies

and individuals, is also not ready for such developments. An

entrepreneur who has registered his domain name cannot tomorrow see a

multiplication per cent of the selling price of his .BIZ.


While Europe is implementing a charter of good practices for online

platforms, the "Platform to business" project, it would be interesting

to develop such a policy for ICANN's gTLDs in order to frame tariff

increases in an assessment to be defined. “



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