[Comments-biz-renewal-03apr19] Proposed fee changes by ICANN for the Public Interest Registry

John jas8 at sky.com
Thu Apr 25 15:53:42 UTC 2019

I have a number of Domains ending .biz, however, I am also aware of a 
number of small businesses,?? support clubs and associations with little 
or no spare funds use these.
In my opinion to convert what has thus far been a reasonable cost 
service provision into the sort of 'wild west' which would be caused by 
allowing Public Interest Registry (PIR), to ramp
up charges without restraint is a shocking betrayal of those domain 
owners who rely on such fees remaining affordable.
Such an action will be a deplorable disservice to millions of small 
business owners and institutions, myself included who would be the ones 
picking up the bill, and?? worse yet, a bill they would suddenly have no 
idea regarding
how fast or high future costs might rise. I am frankly shocked that an 
organisation such as ICANN would even?? consider such a change in trading 
terms as being in any way fair to the billions of domain owners.
I am in the fortunate position of not relying solely on .biz domains so 
will simply cancel the registration but probably millions will not be in 
such a position so to increase costs without say a five year transition 
to enable
them to reduce their reliance on .biz TLD's would be wrong.
John Smith.
34 Great Grove.
Gloucester UK

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