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I was terribly disappointed when I heard ICANN was considering removing price caps on dot biz domain names, as well as other legacy tld's.

Millions of registrants - low-income individuals, mom-and-pop businesses - rely in their presence on the Internet for their livelihood. This presence, their domain name, is now jeopardized by potential price hikes related to the removal of price caps, which threatens to raise the price they pay for their Internet presence significantly.

Dot biz domains - along with dot org, dot com, etc - have millions of registrants who are locked in to using these domains because they have invested their hard work and efforts into these domains. They cannot just pick up and go if they can't afford significant price hikes.

If price restrictions are removed, these registries can raise their prices sky-high in theory by instituting premium pricing for premium domains.

Nothing justifies the transfer of money from hard-working registrants to fatcat registries who simply provide a basic service that costs a minimal amount of money to provide. Please do not pump literally billions of dollars into these companies bank accounts. Registrants will suffer. The registries have a strong financial position and are solidly profitable as is. They enjoy a strong profit margin at current wholesale pricing levels. Raising prices significantly from here is unnecessary for the financial health of the registries and detrimental to average consumers who rely on fair and stable pricing of domains.

Help protect small business people around the world and do not let one or two powerful entities suck up all the money from hardworking citizens who have built up the brand power of these tld's by putting their domains to work.

Consumers around the world are watching these developments with fear as ICANN seems prepared to do whatever the registries want them to do, at the expense of registrants, who are just average people. Keep the internet affordable for them and say no to price hikes and removing pricing restrictions.

Please do your part as an independent governing body to limit the nearly unchecked power of these entrenched near-monopolies. Consumers around the world need ICANN to look out for their interests too, not just the dot biz, dot org, dot com registries and others financial powerhouses.

I oppose the removal of price restrictions on dot biz domains.

Matthew Klein
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