[Comments-board-integrity-screening-02mar18] RrSG Response - Uniform Board Member Integrity Screening Process

Zoe Bonython secretariat at icannregistrars.org
Tue Apr 17 20:37:36 UTC 2018


On behalf of the Registrar Stakeholder Group (RrSG), I would like to submit the below response to the Uniform Board Member Integrity Screening Process.

Kind regards,

Zoe Bonython
RrSG Secretariat


RrSG Response to Uniform Board Member Integrity Screening Process

The RrSG welcomes ICANN’s initiative to introduce a uniform screening process in addition to the selection process for Board Members across all nominating groups.  Regardless of whether individual groups currently perform screening during selection, all SO/AC’s should follow exactly the same process. The stages, information sought and duration of the screening should be uniform and facilitated by the same independent party.  This is both the most efficient and, more importantly, fair way to handle the process.  RrSG members would expect their own employees to be screened in advance of employment, so it’s not only appropriate, but in fact necessary for screening to be conducted on potential Board members.  

In summary, the RrSG supports ICANN’s recommendation to mandate all Board members having to (1) pass through an individual selection process; and (2) also pass through a screening review regarding their fitness to meet the fiduciary duties required of Board members.

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