[Comments-ccnso-pdp3-retire-cctlds-05may20] Comment for Process to Retire ccTLDs

Evgeny Kuskevich evgekus at ripn.su
Thu Jul 9 15:23:45 UTC 2020


I would like to speak in support of Dr Clement Genty's comment.

We should not forget that nowadays ccTLDs are more than just a DNS 
issue. "Country code Top Level Domain" sounds very technical, but if we 
use a synonym - "National Internet domain", it becomes obvious that 
we're talking about a bigger thing.

This is a concern that according to the draft of the policy, the 
triggering event starts an irreversible process of removal of a ccTLD 
from a Root Zone without reviewing the reasons and conditions for 
possible preservation of a particular ccTLD.

1) Even after a dissolution of a country, a ccTLD can still be of 
commercial, cultural, historical or any other relevance for a broad 

2) Stress testing - situation #13. If there is a clear successor state, 
as recognized by United Nations, than the government of this state may 
show willingness and interest to go on with supporting the ccTLD, which 
otherwise could be retired. This is exactly what happened with .SU

Two examples above well demonstrate but do not limit all possible 
situations, when a deeper review may be required. It seems there must be 
policy, that will allow on certain conditions, to preserve a ccTLD in a 
Root Zone after withdrawing a corresponding country code from ISO 3166-1 

Evgeny Kuskevich
Russian Institute for Public Networks

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