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Sebicann Bachollet sebicann at bachollet.fr
Fri May 11 11:55:29 UTC 2018

 IOO and diversity


Why ICANN need an independent diversity “officer”?

Each structured group within ICANN can take for themselves responsibility to enhance their internal diversity.

But how can we handle the diversity in the working groups (cross-community, review teams…)?  (Not included in the diversity report).

And how can we have an overall/systemic view of the diversity in ICANN and proposal to enhance it?


We suggest adding in the IOO responsibilities the role of independent diversity “officer” (IDO).

As suggested in the Diversity Sub-group WS2 ICANN Accountability:

·      Each ICANN SO/AC/group, will undertake an initial assessment, define and publish their objectives and strategies with regular updates.

·      ICANN staff will provide help, support, assistance and tools, in regard with diversity related activities and strategies to each SO/AC/group.

 The IOO will be receiving (in addition of all the publication ways proposed in the diversity subgroup report each assessment, documents, publications… finalized by SO/AC/group. As IDO it will act as the external expertise body for both ICANN staff and SO/AC/group (as per recommendation 1.8 of the diversity report).

Sebastien Bachollet
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