[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Against the proposed .COM price increase

Perry Harrington pedward at apsoft.com
Mon Jan 13 18:28:43 UTC 2020


If you fastforward to the bottom of this message, you will see just 3 of the 
domains that I own.  Over the years it has been an onerous annual task
to renew each of my domains.  Each renewal I am assaulted with many cleverly 
designed interstitial up-sell pages, just so I can pay an excessive fee for a 
root DNS entry.

I run my own DNS server, in my opinion the cost of a domain entry far exceeds 
the actual cost or value provided by the registrar.

The registrar does everything they can to monetize me and only provides a 
service that was once free to me, subsidized by federal grants.

I was the first employee of Web Communications (webcom.com) and I remember quite 
well when domain registrations were privatized and monetized.

ICANN should NOT allow Verisign to increase domain registration fees, it's 
nothing more than a money grab that does not bring additional value to .com 
domain owners.

Verisign is the digital equivalent of an oil monopoly, they provide little value 
in return for the price they charge, they should not be given more.

ICANN should remove Verisign's exclusive control of the .com TLD and allow 
competition to thrive, not continue to line Verisign's pockets.

Thank you,


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deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
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