[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Comment

Michael White mawhite1983 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 21:40:49 UTC 2020

Verisign is the exclusive operator of .com and ICANN decides who gets that role. Verisign is bribing ICANN to ensure that situation doesn't change and they are also allowed to make more free money.

How you can not see this is absurd. It is pure corruption out in the open. You are bribing a non profit, and they are seemingly going along with it. 

So the US gave up control for this to happen? Within 2 years we already have open corruption and money changing hands between icann and Verisign. This is a god damn shit show of epic proportions. 

Listen to this line of junk you are trying to feed us..you are telling us this deal is to help increases security? LOL do you even hear yourself. You are so corrupt you don't even care anymore. You list a bunch of generic shit that matters to no one and is already figured out. So yea more greasing of the palms.
Fucking pitiful. Nice non profit you got there. 

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