[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Price increases for .com domains are unjustifiable.

Alex Lerman alexlerman at alexlerman.com
Fri Jan 17 13:35:48 UTC 2020


I am very concerned that ICANN appears to be rubber-stamping a major rise in .com prices. 

There does not appear to be any justification for raising prices. No economic study has been undertaken by ICANN to demonstrate that Verisign needs any more money or that there is some other public interest in raising prices. The price increase appears to be purely a money-grab by an already handsomely paid company. That means only its shareholders stand to benefit from the increased price, not the public.

Moreover, the $20 million that Verisign is paying ICANN in exchange for a price increase worth billions is embarrassing. Not only is it a paltry sum compared to the windfall that ICANN is bestowing upon Verisign, but it appears to be a quid pro quo despite protestations otherwise. Such conduct makes ICANN look very bad and raises serious questions about whether ICANN can be trusted to look after the public interest.

Alexander Lerman
Domain Registrant

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