[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Proposed Amendment 3 to the .COM Registry Agreement

Travis Phillips travis at tacodomains.com
Fri Feb 7 20:55:05 UTC 2020

I have been a domainer (I invest in domain names as a business) for over 20
years and I routinely sell domain names on the secondary market.   I am
against the proposed price increase to .COM domains because it would hurt
people like myself from being able to sustain our business in the domain
industry.  The current rate of $7.85 is already far more than justified for
.COM domains and increasing the price would further cut into the domain
registries profits (which are small now).  Also, much of our business
involves websites using .COM domains and with if the cost rises so will our
expenses which will hurt our efficiency and profitability.  Verisign is
merely your manager of the .COM Registry and should not be able to dictate
the price for .COM domains.   ICANN is supposed to govern the domain name
system in the public interest so please do not allow these greedy rake
hikes which will further cripple the domain industry.

Gerald Travis Phillips
High Point, NC, USA
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