[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Against the proposed Price Increase.

Pallav Nawani pallav at ironcode.com
Sat Feb 8 07:47:17 UTC 2020

The proposed amendment will make it difficult for small enterprises to 
own .com domains. Many individuals rely on the internet to offer 
services, including freelancing, and this will just make it harder to 
make a living across the board. This will hurt people from the 
developing nations more, since their currencies are weaker against the 

There is really no reason whatsoever to increase prices on a yearly 
basis, Verisign is merely the registrar and not the owner of the domain.

Furthermore, once this proposal goes through, the floodgates will open 
and everyone will try to increase prices on all domains on a regular basis.

The internet will quickly become un-democratic and will only be 
dominated by bigger corporations.

*Pallav Nawani*
Ironcode Gaming

Website: http://www.ironcode.com

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