[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] What are the numbers behind this increase?

George G hi at george.bg
Sat Feb 8 08:56:49 UTC 2020

I recently ran an analysis for https://hostingchecker.com and we found 
more than 144 million registered active .com domain names.

Zonefiles.io <https://zonefiles.io/> also have a database and it says 
currently there are 144,072,905 registered .com domain names.

Multiply this number by the annual .com fee and you will get a very high 

You are not supposed to be a corporation and push your profits to the 
maximum but rather keep the internet safe and accessible place to all.

How do you justify the increase in the .com domain names price? What is 
this huge budget spend on? How was it possible to run the organization 
10 years ago when

the domain names were significantly lower amount?

My opinion is that the price should not only stay the same but even 
decrease over time with more people buying .com domains.

Please share a link of a document where the increase is justified by 


George Georgiev

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