[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] About the price increment on .com domains

Chiu Yau chiuyau at ytc.hk
Sat Feb 8 15:12:48 UTC 2020

Dear Sir, or Madam,

I am a domain investor and I. T. technician working currently in China. I have lots of experiences on registering and selling .com and other extensions. Nowadays, .com registering fees are quite high to most domainer. But, with the traditional status of .com, it has a high value of a premium name of .com, this is the advantage and why .com could stand the first in all extensions of all these years. I think cheap and meaningful and good-looking new TLD has more attractive than limited and old ( tradition ) .com TLD, as most of the best and good-looking .com has been registered in all these years, which beginner or business could not get the domain name the symbolize themselves, they and I started to use and put attention on new and creative TLD. For some new and creative TLD, it could have up to million of combination of name which are creative, such as who.is, fan.cy and more than those mentioned. The .com status in Domain Market Place has get lower and lower then before due to the rise of new and creative TLD coming up these years. In this case, .com should lower it register price, provides more opportunity for domainer to register .com and make great and excellent deal / trade of the .com, more and more people would try to register more .com to try to make a great deal or for their use, and the renewal fee of .com is also expensive, as I have more than 1000+ .com extension to renew every year. And, In personally, I would try to give up most of the invest on .com but turn to more on new and creative TLD if .com keep on rising its renewal and register price, which most of more domainer friends would do so. In conclusion, I would like to ask ICANN and VeriSign to not to make increment on .com registration.

Chiu Yau

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