[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] ICANN and Verisign

Andy Gee rehit.it at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 01:10:03 UTC 2020

Is ICANN going to ignore the overwhelming sentiment of comments
opposing the Verisign encouraged price hikes? After all that is what
ICANN did last time public comments were taken with .org and .biz
domains. https://www.icann.org/resources/agreement/org-2019-06-30-en

Is ICANN really subservient to Verisign? Verisign seems to think ICANN
is quite malleable:
Quote: Verisign's CEO ( James Bidzos ) : We believe these discussions
with ICANN are nearly complete. While it will be inappropriate at this
time to provide more details, I can say that we were satisfied with
the results so far. As noted, this is an ICANN process and we expect
that before long ICANN will be publishing for public comment the
documents we have been discussing.

Is ICANN's collection of these comments merely a legal formality?

Was this proposed policy change influenced at all by the $20,000,000
Verisign agreed to build into Verisign's renewed contract with ICANN?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "yes", we have to ask
another two questions:
Is ICANN displaying signs of corporate greed?
Would ICANN benefit from a top-down restructuring?

Andrew Gee

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