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Mon Feb 10 14:07:28 UTC 2020


Thank you for your time to read my comments.  To explain briefly about myself, I am a senior engineer at Verizon working in the field of ML and software engineering.

I understand that, compared to Verisign, I am but a simple registrant of .com domains; but I want to at least voice my disagreements with the price inflation in the hope that the majority is thinking along the same line.

The way that I see it with my limited knowledge of the internal discussions, this proposal is on par with the removal of net neutrality by the FCC.  Yes, there will be numerous fake/repeated comments flowing for the advocacy of this proposal.  Yes, perhaps the price hike may benefit the registrants - although I fail to see how. And yes, perhaps the 31% price increase through 2024 is justifiable and in the interest of the public (which I hope the board would elaborate with more details to the public for their understanding).  But in the higher scheme of things, are both FCC's proposal and the ICANN's proposal in the best interest of the people and not the few?

Are we also sure that the price hike - and the subsequent hikes in the future - will not extinguish the ability of the young, future generations of coders due to new and escalating financial burdens?  Since 1978, the cost of college tuition was artificially inflated by 1,120%, medical care by 601%, housing by 380% while the pay for the workers decreased by the average of 5~10%.  Although this statistics is circumscribed to the United States, I think this numbers aren't foreign to other countries.  I may be able to afford this new changes, but I cannot speak for the future generations who would be required to have to bear the burden.

Now I'm not saying that I want to prevent any price hikes in the future.  If it is justified, reasonable, and best communicated to others, I may be able to come to an understanding.  One thing is sure.  If the price hike is no longer affordable to me, I won't be able to purchase new domains for my programming ideas and concepts - and simply watch the financial giants slowly take over the Internet.


Herbert Shin

herbert.shin at verizon.com
h at init.bar
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