[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Proposed Amendment 3 Considerations

Mark Murnighan murnighan at tampabay.rr.com
Sun Feb 9 13:39:48 UTC 2020

Committee members,

There are some industry trends that need to be considered when voting on the
proposed Amendment 3.

In the technology field, cost of compute resources is decreasing
exponentially. The speed and density are increasing exponentially and
driving the "more for less" precedence. For example, if a DNS entry is
10,000 bytes of data to store and manage, the cost to do that has diminished
10-fold in the last ten years. Asking for more to manage something that is
going to cost you less is not logical. On the reverse track, the number of
DNS registrations is also increasing, meaning they are getting an annual
increase in volume, providing them with a much large revenue stream strictly
by the increasing volume in number of units. The high volume also drives
down costs. Facts should reject increases and actual propose an Amendment to
reduce the cost per DNS entry.

Switching the topic to the security side of the infrastructure is a valid
topic that needs to combat in a real time manner by the provider awarded the
contract. Security is a single part of the provider's services that were
awarded and should be covered within the provider's deliverables. Provider
should be including normal maintenance for their infrastructure. Security is
never completed, as fast as you close holes in a system new holes will be
discovered. Thinking you have to ask for more money to do your basic
maintenance just tells me they were the lowest cost provider because they
offered a subpar solution to under bid the competition that probably
included these mandatory required maintenance items in their cost (forcing
them to lose the bid award).

I have been working in this industry since the before the internet existed
and this proposed Amendment seems to be a political ploy like purchasing
$10,000.00 dollar hammers the public can by at any local hardware store for
$10.00 dollars.

Please do you due diligence and reject the proposed Amendment 3. Registrants
should be getting fair market value for services rendered.


Mark Murnighan

Brooksville, FL

NOTE: This is my personal view and has no relationship or backing from my
employer or customers that I may provide services for.


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